Life Being in Band

Hey everyone! Today I’m going to talk about my life being in band, since my whole day today was band related. It may not be the most interesting to all of you, but this was my day today and it inspired me to write.

I’ve been playing the clarinet for three years now. When I first started, I didn’t even know how to read music or what an oboe was. Now, one of my best friends plays the oboe, which I’m able to identify now. I’ve met most of my friends through band, and I don’t regret joining it at all.

In beginning band, I learned how to play each part of the clarinet; the mouthpiece and barrel, then the top joint, and finally the whole instrument. We worked with beginner books that had familiar songs such as “Old MacDonald” or “Hot Cross Buns”. Eventually we were playing simple songs and having our first concerts.

By the end of the first year, I was ready to audition and move up to one of the advanced band. There are three main bands; Symphony Band, Wind Symphony, and Wind Ensemble. I made the middle band, Wind Symphony. The year was fun and I was able to stay with my three best friends, who were also in Wind Symphony. In my second year of band, I learned more advanced pieces and mastered harder scales. Every April, there is a contest called Solo & Ensemble where individuals play a solo piece for a set of judges who give them a score from III-I (three-one). One is the highest score you can receive, and three is the lowest. Solo & Ensemble has a part in your audition for band next year. Even though I got a two, I made it into Wind Ensemble, the top band, by working hard and practicing.

Even though I got a two, I made it into Wind Ensemble, the top band, by working hard and practicing. Now I am in Wind Ensemble with people I love, getting to play the instrument I love. Band has been a great experience for me and I loved getting to learn something new.

That wraps up this really long and lengthy post like I promised yesterday!

See you tomorrow,



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