My Favorite Christmas Presents

Hey guys! For day three of daily posting, I’m going to tell you guys my favorite Christmas presents I got this year. I love every single present I got and I feel so lucky to have them all. There are some that I use more than others, and I thought I’d tell you guys. I picked out one item from each “category” of gifts, such as makeup, jewelry, and electronics.

One makeup product I got for Christmas that I use every single day is the ABH Modern Renaissance palette.  It’s $42 and you can get it from Sephora, Ulta, or the Anastasia Beverly Hills Website.


This palette comes with a variety of different shades. Each shade is very pigmented and easy to blend. There are so many options to make numerous looks. This is my current favorite palette I’ve ever bought, and I’ve tried a lot of different palettes.



The jewelry item that I use every day is a pearl necklace I got from my cousin’s grandmother. They are really pretty and go with any outfit.




The pearls I got are very similar to this image. They are white with a bit bigger pearls than this particular necklace. I wear them to school almost every day and they make my outfit look put together.




My favorite electronic device I got is the FitBit Alta. I’ve been going to the gym in the mornings, and I use it to track how many steps I take and how many active minutes I’ve had.



I was super excited when I got this gift, as I had been wanting a FitBit for a long time. I got the grey, dark blue, and pink bands. The grey band goes with almost every outfit, and I use the others to color coordinate with my clothes.


The last gift I’m going to talk about is the Ugg boots I got. I got the regular tall boots in chestnut. I have been wearing them almost every day because they are so soft!





These boots are so cute and go with every outfit! I’m so lucky to be able to have these boots and all of the other amazing gifts I got this year.



That is all of my top four favorite Christmas gifts I got this year! Thank you so much for reading this post, and I’ll see you tomorrow!



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