New Year, New Me?

Happy New Year everyone! It’s finally here, which means all of the new year, new me and the resolutions we all struggle to keep. Everyone has made a resolution they couldn’t keep. This year I decided to make only resolutions I wanted to keep. Doing yearly resolutions puts a whole lot of pressure on you if you want to do something daily. That’s why when one of my friends told me she was doing weekly resolutions, I knew I should do them too. I’m going to share my resolutions with you every single week, and maybe you’ll be inspired to do this idea too!For the first week of resolutions, I came up with two resolutions to do by myself and one to do with a friend. The first resolution I came up with for myself is to post every day on this website. I have seriously neglected to post on here last year, and I want to change that this year. I am going to post every single day this week, and I’ll try to keep posting every day for as long as I can. I’m really excited to get to know you guys and grow my blog this year!

The second resolution I came up with for myself is to use my face sponge every night. I recently bought the Earth Therapeutics Purifying Charcoal Vegetable Exfoliating Facial Sponge from Ulta, which is a sponge that helps to get rid of blemishes and refresh your skin. It was $5.00 and is honestly one of the best purchases I’ve made to help get rid of my blemishes. I’ve been using it every night after using my Olay Witch Hazel Toner, but recently I’ve been forgetting. Hopefully a week of using the sponge every day will be enough to make it a habit.

The third and final resolution I made was to do a small workout every night with a friend. Every week we’re going to make it a bit harder so our bodies won’t get used to the exercises. This week, our workout is as follows:

  1. Three sets of 10 sit ups
  2. Three sets of 10 squats
  3. Two sets of 10 lunges
  4. Three sets of 10 kickbacks
  5. Two sets of 10 bridges

The exercises with two sets are a little harder or cause more stress on the body, so we’re doing less of them.

That’s all the New Year’s resolutions I made for this week. I’ll see you next week for more resolutions!




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